How Should Thick and Thin BBQ Sauces Be Used?

Ask Walt and Terry:

How Should Thick and Thin BBQ Sauces Be Used?

Originally, all BBQ sauces were thin, almost like water. Their purpose was to be used as a "mop" sauce to keep meat moist and flavored while grilling or smoking. It was called a "mop" sauce because a literal small mop was dipped into the sauce, usually in a bucket, and lathered on the meat while grilling or smoking.

The sauce was so thin that it wouldn't stay on the meat long enough to burn into the meat, but instead it would keep the meat moist and add flavor. Another use for the thin type BBQ sauce was as a dipping sauce to be used to dip meat while dining.

Years after the thin "mop on" BBQ sauce was invented a new kind of BBQ hit the market from Kansas City. It was a thick sauce that wasn't intended to be used as a sauce during grilling, but instead, it was to be used as the final sauce at the end of a cook to baste the meat, or as a sauce to be added to the meat after taking it off the grill.

Although the taste between a thin and a thick BBQ sauce may be the same, the uses are entirely different.

For example, the taste between Walt Garrison Original "thin" BBQ sauce is identical to the Walt Garrison Thick-n-Bold, The difference is in how we use it. The thin soaks into the meat while cooking and the thick sets up on top of the meat after cooking. Try one of our tasty BBQ sauces today!